Tips on How to Win Slot Machines

As the webmaster of an online gaming strategy and instructional database, I have often been asked the question, “Do you have any tips on how to win on slot machines?” As simplistic as slot machines are – insert coin, pull lever, cross finger – many slots fans don’t even realize that there are slot machine strategies that can increase their odds of winning.

Learning how to win slot machines isn’t about actually playing the game, but rather different aspects of choosing a slot machine, and knowing the appropriate bet amount to maximize profits. Below, we have provided a series of tips on how to win slot machines.

Please bear in mind the casino always has the advantage. You cannot turn the house edge into your favor, but you can minimize the house edge to give yourself higher odds of coming out with a profit – preferably a large one!

How to Win Slot Machines – Tip #1: Set Goals

The most important tip on winning at slot machines is to set a realistic goal and stick to it. If you bring $200 to the casino or online casino to spend on slots, you cannot realistically expect to walk away with $10,000 in your pocket. You can, however, happily end your session with $250 – a 25% profit. Select a reasonable goal for your desired profits, and once you hit that goal, walk away with a smile. Don’t keep playing or the casino will always win out in the end.

How to Win Slot Machines – Tip #2: Bankroll Management

Another very important winning slots tip is to never overspend what you can afford. Decide beforehand how much you can afford to lose, and only bring that amount with you. If you’re spending a week in Las Vegas, don’t bring all of your casino spending cash in one visit to the slots. If you lose it all, it will be a very boring week for the remainder of your trip. Decide how many sessions you’d like to play over that time and divide your spending cash accordingly.

How to Win Slot Machines – Tip #3: Choosing a Slot Machine

A lot of people look at the pretty symbols, or see someone else hit it big, and decide that’s the slot machine they want to play. Strategy wise, that’s a bad move. What you should be looking for is the most advantageous pay table and bonus spin opportunities. The pay table can be found wither visible on the slot machine’s screen, or by pressing the ‘Pay Table’ button.

What you are looking for is the max profit per credit. For example… let’s say one slot machine takes up to 3 credits per play/pay-line and pays 1-to-1 for 2-to-1 for 2 coins, and 5-to-1 for 3 coins. Another slot machine also takes up to three coins, but pays 1-to-1 for 1 coin, 2-to-1 for 2 coins, and 3-to-1 for 3 coins. Which slot machine do you pick? The one that pays 5-to-1 for 3 coins. Obviously, playing all 3 coins would be the best slot machine strategy.

Bonus Spins are a big part off slot machine strategy as well. Playing a slot machine that awards bonus spins gives the player a chance to earn some free spins, hence free winnings if those spins go well. When the option for a bonus spin slot machine is available, go with it. Do not choose a slot that will always require you to pay for each and every spin.

How to Win Slot Machines – Tip #4: Progressive Jackpots

Slot machines with progressive jackpots are very popular, a well they should be. The fact is, when a progressive jackpot enters the equation, the players chances of winning a substantial profit are increased, which effectively decreases the house edge – slightly, yes, but any drop in house edge is a good thing. However, it is very important to realize that shooting for the progressive jackpot will require the player to place the max bet each time they spin the reels.

If a progressive jackpot slot machines takes up to 5 coins per pay-line, per play, you’ll need to bet 5 coins at each spin. It is not required to play all pay lines, but if you hit that special jackpot releasing series of symbols on a pay line you did not pay for, you will be very sorely disappointed.

Be sure to read the pay table and jackpot rules on the slot machine before playing the game.

How to Win Slot Machines – Tip #5: Payout Percentages

Every slot machine, whether online or in a live casino, is powered by a sophisticated software program called a Random Number Generator, or RNG. This little chip tells the slot machine exactly how much it should pay out over time. For instance, a slot machine programmed to pay out 85% will theoretically pay out $85 for every $100 it takes in. The “over time” aspect makes this very unpredictable though. The slot machine could pay out 85% over 1 year, or 25 years. This means a single slot machine could hit the jackpot twice in a single day, or only once over a 5 year period of time. slot machines are notoriously random.

The best bet for a slot machine player is to find out the payout percentage of a slot machine before choosing the right slot to play. Now, casinos aren’t just going to display this information on the slots, or even in the lobby. At a live casino, you’ll need to ask the locals which slot pays out best, or try asking one of the employees – they often know where the real money is. Casinos, such as those in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, have notoriously low payout percentages. You can expect a payout range of 80% up to 90% at best at a land based casino.